Firefox Tweaker 2.8 released (2020-11-20)


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Nov 26, 2016
I haven't posted much here about new releases of my Firefox Tweaker (tweak tool for Firefox), but I just noticed the sticky here is still the old version 2.4.3, I've added tons of updates in between, with very latest one in version 2.8 being option to fully disable Developer Tools that are of no use for 99% of users who just want to browse the web yet for some reason Mozilla feels the menus and controls for it should be there by default for everyone.

Since version 2.4.3 I've added bunch of cool features, some also security related, like disabling of WebRTC and disabling of URL trimming so user sees full unedited/untrimmed URL in the address bar. I offered HTTPS Only mode since July 2020. There is also cache adjusting from 1GB to 4GB. And if you want to, you can even fully disable disk caching of webpages. Do you find all the tweaks too complicated and fiddly? I've added One Click Configuration that configures Firefox with curated tweaks that I prefer and it does it all in one click. It doesn't apply all of them, but it applies the important ones that I assume would be preferred by many. And to counter that, also added option to restore defaults in one click too.

Check it out on my Firefox Tweaker micro page (including some screenshots and detailed changelog):

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