Update First Look at Hasleo Backup Suite Free, a new Windows backup software


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Nov 10, 2017
Windows users have lots of choice when it comes to backup software, and Hasleo Backup Suite Free is the latest entry in the free backup software category for the operating system.

Hasleo Backup Suite Free is developed by the makers of Easy UEFI, Bitlocker Anywhere and WinToUSB. The program is compatible with all versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system starting with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

The application is only available in English at the time of writing. It supports creating system backups and disk/partition backups, and may also be used to clone disks or partitions.

Visit the Tools directory first to create an emergency disk. All functionality is built-in and the creation of the rescue solution takes a minute or two to complete depending on the device. The created rescue solution can be copied to a connected USB device or saved as an ISO image. The system can be booted from the solution then if it does not start anymore.

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Jan 28, 2018
Haha you can contact them at Hasleo or reddit or something you know what i mean that would be useful for you ;)
I'm interested, but not keen enough to know the details such as phone numbers and contact information. I've heard rumors, but I'm a little curious if they're true.

...I thought that by comparing software to a woman, I could help people understand how I feel.:p(y)