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JM Safe

Level 38
Sometimes someone ask me: "JM, what's the best programming language to learn if I am a beginner?" First of all it's fundamental to clarify what do you want to develop. If you want to develop a security software the best programming language are in my opinion C, C++ and C#. Keep in mind that .NET languages allows a developer to build interesting and fast programs but unfortunately you don't have a deep control of memory and low-level structures. On the other hand .NET languages are easier (for syntax) than C or C++, but C and C++ are really good for security development. The data structures and memory/variable access are faster than .NET languages and you can develop powerful software which can use the deepest structures to have a total control of the PC to prevent malware (for example new files created in real-time, etc.)
In my opinion the first languages to learn if you want to develop security software are C++ or C#. An interesting aspect of development could be that you build the GUI with C# and you link it to the engine (written for example in C or C++).
If you are interested for example to develop browser extensions, the best languages to learn are JavaScript, PHP and HTML and CSS for the GUI. Java is good instead for games and management software, it can be easy if you start with the basics but it can be also hard if you develop software with the most advanced aspects of Java development. It is not good for security development. PHP is loosely typed so the type of the variables are set when you give the value to a variable not when you declare it.

These are only my opinions and based on my experience. Please feel free to comment and give your feedback guys! :);)
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Thanks for the post @JM Safe
What about python ?? i am thinking to learn machine learning and i know python is powerful in that field
also it is highly readable and has an easy syntax