Five Reasons You Should Switch to IE9

Will you switch to IE 9 ?

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Jan 24, 2011
It's official. Internet Explorer 9 was officially launched. Whether you are using Internet Explorer 8, or you're one of the dwindling stubborn few clinging to IE6, or even if you're using an alternative browser like Chrome or Firefox,here are some reasons you might want to start using IE9.
  • Pinned Sites
  • Enhanced Tabs
  • Download Manager
  • Tracking Protection
  • Hardware Acceleration
More details - link


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Jan 7, 2011
Most (if not all) of those features aren't unique to IE or are not that important to make me switch from Chrome or Firefox:
  • Pinned Sites: sites can be pinned to Win7 task-bar and look more like applications. You can pin tabs in competitor browsers as well. (Firefox 4 will have this), Chrome has the exact same functionality (Tools -> Create Application Shortcuts)
  • Enhanced Tabs: drag & drop tabs - both competitor browsers have this; color-coded tabs - plugins help you achieve this and much more in Firefox (not so sure about Chrome).
  • Download manager: :D
  • Tracking protection: I'm not sure how successful the Do Not Track feature is.
  • Hardware acceleration: again, not unique to IE.


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Jan 8, 2011
I only use Windows Live/ID related sites with IE9 since it works the best.

Firefox 3 had an add-on called Prism, now I believe they have integrated into Firefox 4.


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Feb 24, 2011
Will never use IE (unless a site I really want to use will only run with) unless last option. As previously said in the posts about, the browser war was lost a long time ago and they are too late as well as bringing nothing new to the table.

oO(tied to the OS keeps popping up in my thoughts as soon as IE is meantioned!)Oo
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