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List of current issues
i want to watch twitch but the site for adobe wont load all i get is a about:blank page nothing else
Steps taken, but have been unsuccessful?
reinstalling firefox,restarted pc
can someone post the direct download link from adobe for firefox flash o nwindows 7 please thanks


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In Firefox go to "addons" from the menu dropdown where options etc. are located

Click "addons" and then click "plugins"

You should see Shockwave flash

If your adobe flash player is up to date click options

Enable Flash Protected Mode should be ticked


You can turn it off by unticking it then restart Firefox and see if the movie runs

You should remember to tick it again because leaving protected mode off leaves flash vulnerable to exploits

Adobe Flash Player https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ *Make sure to untick the McAfee optional offer before proceeding