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Ublock Origin not sure if it is out of beta, give it a try, its on github.
I don't know how to use GitHub.

ublock origin for sure, anyway why don't move to Chrome?? ;)
Because I messed up chrome, my cousin said it uses lots of resources and some people on MT said Edge is more secure.

Could you tell your reason not to use from windows store? If it's due to the requirement of Live account then they already changed that.
And what you mean by "ads almost crashed my computer"? Because of Adguard?

Like some have suggested, then uBlock Origin is the choice.
Ads almost crashed my computer because they were animated, with flash. Not because of adguard. They made my computer very slow.


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Here is the preview version of uBlock Origin from store: uBlock Origin – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store
Since it's still in beta, you're expected to face some bugs, but based on comments on store, the current preview version is working fine.

There is another way to install uBo presented on Github in case you don't want to use store. For convenient, I quoted the step-by-step below:
To install beta releases directly from GitHub, you will need to side-load the extension:
  1. Download the latest release from the Releases page
  2. Extract the zip file somewhere safe (it will need to remain there as long as you use the extension)
  3. Browse to about:flags in Edge and turn on the option Enable extension developer features
  4. Restart your browser
  5. Go to Extensions in the browser menu and click Load extension
  6. Select the uBlock0.edge folder you extracted earlier
Edge disables side-loaded extensions whenever you restart the browser. However after a few seconds you will get a prompt to re-enable them with a single click.

my cousin said it uses lots of resources
As long as Chrome is serving you well and running smoothly, using more resources is not a justifiable reason except it slows down your PC or gives bad experience, etc..
some people on MT said Edge is more secure
By customizing some flags, Chrome would become almost as secure as Edge using the same technique (correct me if I'm wrong, thanks). Here is how to do (in case you want to get back to Chrome) (credit to @shmu26):
navigate in chrome to: chrome://flags
then scroll down until you get to:
Enable PPAPI Win32k Lockdown
Enable AppContainer Lockdown
Restart Chrome. Done!
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