Update Foxit Reader released (September 28, 2020)


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Apr 24, 2016
Improvements in Foxit Reader
  • Provides an enhanced 3D plugin that delivers new and enhanced features.
    • Easily navigate, view, comment, and measure 3D content through the 3D toolbar or by right-clicking on PDF content.
    • Adds more 3D navigation tools like Spin, Walk, and Fly.
    • Provides more tools to add 3D comments and measurements.
    • More options to set different visual effects and create different views.
    • Supports to display 3D PDF files in PRC format.
  • Streamlines and improves the update process of Reader.
  • Other enhancements to the user experience.
Issues Addressed in Foxit Reader
  • Fixed some security and stability issues. Click here for details.
Foxit Reader Version History:
Foxit Security Bulletins:

Dave Russo

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May 26, 2014
Just curious, Foxiit if I remember correctly is a safer alternate to Adobe, but after reading the security bulletin above, was it only safer until it also became popular?
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