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Helsinki, Finland – April 4, 2013: F-Secure's free Online Scanner tool has been completely rebuilt to be faster, lighter and more powerful than before, and now even cleans up advanced rootkits, the most difficult-to-remove malware. The tool, downsized to a slim 5MB, is easy to use with just a couple of clicks. It cleans without actually installing itself to the PC – so consumers can run it and then forget about it.
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Go here to chck their Online Scanner


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I have tried this on-demand scanners a few times, and F-Secure database is very good, so it will find malware.
I've notice that this new version, it did not ask me to restart my computer before starting the scan, and also the scan times have been reduced.
Overall this product looks very good, however I would have liked to see a standard on-demand scanner rather than an online scanner.