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I know most of you should be using more than one second-opinion scanners on your system.

Care to tell us what they are and how good it is compared to the rest?

Please mention the Pro's and Con's of the free products you use.​

More than your vote, your response/comment is going to help the most. Dont shy away from that:)
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I'd say NPE and ZAM, the first one is very effective but prone to FPs so it is suitable to advanced users.
ZAM is effective, but it seems to have lost a bit of credibility because of the lack of updates.
Updates are essential for a security product to ensure reliability and innovation.


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Only 2 choices ,
but for myself , i recommend :

Emsisoft Emergency Kit (EEK) : Using Bitdefender and Emsi 2 database , detection rate and scan speed is quite good .
Bitdefender had a pretty good reaction speed (Asia, Southeast Asia exception)

Kaspersky : Billions of people useing , with the cloud service , very good reaction speed ,
hundreds of millions of users in China and Asia ,
ideal for dealing with threats from Asia or Asia pacific .

Malwarebytes : Very suitable for PUP/PUA、Trojan,and some particularly difficult threats ,
but do not using Malwarebytes as a main Anti-Virus .


Zemana is also not a bad choices ,
it's very good at cleaning the worm threats .

However , in recent years, it is a pity that the product quality has declined due to major changes in the company.

** ( The reply from Zemana official employee )
Q&A - Zemana... Impossible!


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I use MBAM, ZAM and EEK

Relatively good at catching PUPs
Not great at catching malware until it actually infects the system

Also quite a great detection rate for PUPs and regular malware
Sends your files to the cloud for detection so you always have to have access to internet for detection

I think it's the one of the the three here that has the best detection, also able to update signatures and then do scans offline
However it takes the longest to scan and the signature updates that very long


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Special: FRST, RKill, ESET SysRescue Live
Offline - CureIt, Kaspersky VRT and TDSSKiller
Online - Norton Power Eraser, ESET Online Scanner

EEK - I can not help it, but it seems to me a little stiff and big boned lately. Also updating takes like forever.

Besides the abovementioned, try Avira PC Cleaner on full scan. Avira still has one of the better and most updated signatures.
I did not even know, they offer that, it is not listed on their webpage and the name suggest tuneup software. Going to check it out.

EDIT: Nevermind, it does not work with a limited internet (typically caused by malware). :D
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I use Hitman Pro and EEK. I admit I'm not so excited about the support team behind HP, but I like the product. Together with my antivirus, I think these 2 scanners cover me fine. Hitman make a quick scan on 30 seconds when the computer open, and that's it. I keep EEK just in case.


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Hitman Pro (free. only for scanning)
Hitman Pro has always done a solid job when I've used it in the past.
Other: HitmanPro

As i remember , HitmanPro and HitmanPro.Alert isn't free , they all need to pay for it ,
however , yes , it can free to use for 30days (trial version) .

But if the discussion topic are planing which one " free " product should keep it in system ,
i think the HMP or HMPA are not suitable .


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Yes, Hitman Pro isn't free, but I only use it for scanning (second opinion). You can keep using it for free but only for scanning and not for removing malware - unless you pay ofcourse.
Agree .
However if the software can detected but can't remove it ,
for me, it seems useless . :emoji_cold_sweat:

Of course the user can try to remove the threats by manual ,
but hope there are not many threats.
Otherwise , just remove these threats and your hands will cramp.


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If Hitman Pro finds threats then I just restore my system image backup or reinstall Windows. It's always a good idea to have another good second opinion scanner - even if it can not help you remove threats.
i agree this is the best and most clean way ,
but some of time , some user won't (or we say they do not wish) restore the whole system .

I still very like HMP and HMPA ,
using Kaspersky、Bitdefender、Sophos three database ,
very good detection rate .