Have you tried Freenom World DNS?

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You are guaranteed that there is a DNS resolver always close by. Freenom's DNS resolvers are located throughout the world on locations connected to many different tier1 internet network operators. Freenom's Anycast technology ensures that your computer or device chooses the closest DNS resolver.

Unlike other DNS providers, like large advertising networks, Freenom does not store any IP addresses in its log files. Log files are kept for statistical reasons only and exclude any IP addresses or other personal identifiable information.

ISP's or large advertising networks can use your DNS requests to track your viewing habits, insert targeted ads or even throttle your connection. Point your DNS settings to Freenom World and protect your privacy.

Get the results you expect. Freenom – as one of the largest DNS providers – is committed to preserve the integrity of the DNS protocol. Freenom World's DNS resolvers will never forward any request for a non-existing domain to an advertising page.

What do you think guys?
"i am using my vpn dns so i will not use this just asking because i got email from them and maybe someone may consider to use it"
Edit: ty admin for the poll.
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