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“Antivirus is dead!” has been the marketing cry of vendors wishing to displace antivirus (AV) technology with their “superior” comprehensive products. It’s true, purely signature-based AV scanners are extinct; however, AV is constantly evolving. The future can be predicted through knowledge of the past. This first brief in a two-part series on AV studies its evolution from the Brain virus to the Flame worm, from single threat remediation to modern day suites of technologies that contain industry-developed technology and protection mechanisms adopted from other security sectors. Download this brief for a look at AV from its roots to present day.
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We are just new here ! è_é @Tiranium Anti-Virus

Antiviruses will never dead.
1 virus = 2 method to remove and detect.
All antiviruses getting behavioral technologies and one day, all malwares will been detected.
Like now with Tiranium :D #Ad
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