Update G DATA Generation 2019

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Eddie Morra

They might have improved the existing features though. In all fairness though, as with ESET, I think that G-Data already have sufficient protection to tackle the prevalent threats out there.

To be fair to the Anti-Virus vendors out there... there isn't really that much that can be added nowadays until the prevalent threats switch again. If they randomly start adding things for the sake of it, then the protection won't stay balanced, and the product will become bloated and overly-complicated for silly reasons.


And hopefully tackling bugs that have existed for numerous years. Probably not. @Lockdown has mentioned a bug with the firewall, i know that much.

I wouldn't hold your breath.

They page mentions integration with AMSI (cringe) , malicious URL checking by sending to and comparing with the G DATA cloud (privacy nuts will cry and complain) and bitcoin wallet protection.

I bet the same bugs remain and new ones are added.
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