Level 43
This is why I really like G Data...

I run a security camera server at home behind a hardened network. Unfortunately the software I use requires a Windows environment. I have it locked down (substantially so) with tools like sysHardener, but also with manual techniques including group policy. Services and installed applications are extremely limited on this system as well.

So I log in today to check on it, and find G Data has been a busy little guy protecting it... These are BB hits, right? Something was 'actively' attempting to exploit this system. I can't say exactly what they were using and how, but I have some idea and will be examining it more when I get some time.

Ideally, I will move my camera server to a non-Windows environment but I need to find a suitable Debian/Linux replacement product that is comparable in features. I've been evaluating non-Windows solutions for months and haven't found one that meets my needs.

In the meantime, I appreciate G Data being on guard here..