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According to researchers Alexandre Mundo, John Fokker and Thomas Roccia from cybersecurity firm McAfee, GandCrab, perhaps due to its cult status in underground forums, has managed to team up with a crypter service.

In a blog post, the researchers said that "the speed of change is impressive and increases the difficulty of combating it."

Crypters are often a key component of obfuscation. Rather than change the signature of malware itself, obfuscation aims to use different delivery methods to circumvent antivirus protections.


Although this is serious, i had to laugh at this

"In order to drum up excitement in the announcement, the NTCrypt-GandCrab partnership has offered a discount to cybercriminals signing up for the service."
There is a whole underground economy with this stuff. It is marketing... to criminals. The criminals are people too. They like discounts. Trying to save a dime in their criminal enterprises.