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Mar 25, 2021
Genie Timeline Home is an easy-to-use tool for backing up important data on your computer, network drives and external drives. The solution works automatically to protect new and changed files without any intervention.

Genie Timeline Home 10 - Free License

Main features of Genie Timeline Home​

  • Disaster recovery. Protecting Windows in the event of possible system failures
  • Frequency-based scheduler
  • Data deduplication
  • Timeline Explorer
  • Backup markers
  • Technical support
  • The minimum backup interval is 30 minutes
  • 3-step backup setup wizard
  • Back up open and locked files
  • Recovery filter by new, modified or deleted
  • File version
  • IPhone / iPad App to Monitor Backup Status
  • Backup for iPhone / iPad / iPod
  • No Backup Zone

Free Genie Timeline Home 10 License​

Follow these steps to obtain your free Genie Timeline Home 10 license.

  • Go to the promotion page (also here , here or here ) and fill out the form.
  • A License key will be sent to the specified email address.
  • Download the application and install it on your computer.