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About TuneUp Utilities 2010​

So what exactly is TuneUp Utilities 2010? TuneUp Utilities is a “novice friendly” application that transforms poorly performing computers back into shape with minimal user intervention.

Features that were well implemented in TuneUp Utilities include a novice-friendly user interface. Despite of the highly technical nature of computer performance optimization, the software’s user interface does not intimidate the uninitiated. The software designers decided to implement a clean and easy to read interface by grouping optimization tasks into three – Maintenance, Speed, and Health.

As an example, when users want to perform the tasks under the Maintenance group, there is a one click button that repairs problems that impair computer performance. More advanced users can click the Details link to view a checklist of performance hindering problems identified by the software. The user may opt to check or uncheck an item in the list. A more task oriented approach to computer maintenance is also included in the user interface. There are links to Increase Performance, Free up Disk Space, Clean up Windows, Solve Problems, Customize Windows, and Additional Tools, Each task has its own interface that enable the owners to tweak how optimizing performance can be performed.

What are some of the things TuneUp Utilities do to increase computer performance?
  • With your permission, turn off unnecessary programs
  • Cleans up your PC in the background
  • Disable unnecessary windows services which only slows down your computer
  • Optimize system and program settings
  • Reduce the number of autostart programs that only use precious computer resources
  • Defragment hard disks to reduce program loading time
  • Remove broken shortcuts freeing your computer from clutter
  • Repair structural defects in the registry
  • Reduce the size of the registry

How to get a Free License for TuneUp Utilities 2010​

To take advantage of this giveaway , please follow this simple steps :

  1. Go here - link - and complete the required fields
  2. Check you email for the license key.Then go here - link- and download TuneUp Utilities 2010
  3. Install TuneUp Utilities 2010 and use the license key to activate the product.
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