Ghostpress 2.0 anti-keylogger released


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Oct 9, 2016
Bulletproof anti-keylogger

Ghostpress is a free anti-keylogging software that prevent malicious software from capturing your keyboard presses.

Version 2.0

+New UI
+Custom keyboard setup
+Improved delay protection delay calculation
+Ghostpress hooks can no longer be overwritten
+Keyboard layout changes on runtime will be detected
+DPI support added
+Current process icon is now shown
+Disable delay protection for a specific process
+Hidden features: Disabling print key, protecting Tab and Enter, key delay for all unprotected keys
+Integrated ScreenWings module: target window screenshot protection
+Minimum delay between two key events
+New license
+Better protection when using Ghostpress without Administrator privilegs
#Protection no longer depends on in Explorer.exe
#Delay protection spelling order bug fixed
#Hook overwriting issue fixed
#Compability issues with fullscreen overlays fixed
#Less memory usage by widget
#Close crash fixed
#Widget animation does not show how often you pressed a key anymore

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Dec 28, 2018
For what is whort...;) but idid a short test inside Sandboxie. Every feature worked only the screenwings module not.