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It’s not a secret that despite being the world’s number one desktop browser, Google Chrome is a major resource hog, eating up way too much memory regardless of the platform you run it on.

But as it turns out, Google has heard all the criticism, so the company is now developing new ways to optimize resource usage in Chrome.

As discovered by ChromeStory, the search giant is currently exploring an improvement called “Best Effort Tasks,” which essentially comes down to a new feature that would keep certain tasks on hold until the browser is closed.

A code commit discovered by the cited source notes that “writing user data to disk, cleaning caches, reporting metrics or updating components” could only be allowed when the browser is closed, which in turns means that the application would require fewer resources during a typical browsing session.

Resource usage optimizations

By the looks of things, what Google wants to do is to delay all low-priority tasks in Chrome browser, and a flag description offers a few more details.

“With this flag on, tasks of the lowest priority will not be executed until shutdown. The queue of low priority tasks can increase memory usage. Also, while it should be possible to use Chrome almost normally with this flag, it is expected that some non-visible operations such as writing user data to disk, cleaning caches, reporting metrics or updating components won’t be performed until shutdown.”


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Don't really get this honestly as it's something that should have been done 5 years ago. Now machines have more and more ram but maybe it's because ram prices skyrocketed.
A welcome but late change.


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So decreased memory usage at the cost of reliability and security, about which no one really cares about, figures. :cautious:

Ram is there to be used. the fastest component on your computer. i realy dont mind if a browser consums 100mb or 1 gb. the speed will be the same or even faster with more ram if its used correctly.
Indeed, mine is currently using 1,17GB (1,82GB working set), though I understand that some computers come with a limited amount, it should be an optional option, just like Turbo. My chromium based browser installed in RAM cold starts in 2-3 secs with all extensions, warm start in half a second.
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