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Twitter is alit today, it seems, with news of Google neutralising AdBlock Plus. The popular extension, originally created by Wladimir Palant in 2006, is used by many to bypass ads hosted on the internet, including the video ads served by Google's video streaming site.

It has drawn the ire of many web publishers and websites alike for allegedly curtailing their revenues significantly. In an attempt to shore up the almost non-existent profits from YouTube, Google might have finally found a way of skirting the extension. Multiple Twitter users are now posting their accounts, including images, of Chrome circumventing the extension's ad-averse net:
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Using chrome and so far nothing too, might be a beta update thing? Or they are just slowly rolling it out to see how the public would react to it. If they release it to the entire world at the same time it might cause a large portion of the users to move to another brower


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Hmmm fishy story IMO as when checking on the authors own source that consist of a few persons twitter accounts o_O and read what actually written there it don't seam as a genuine issue so personal I would take the whole thing with a very Big pinch of salt...

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I'm using Microsoft Edge with a modified hosts file. I have yet to see one ad slip past.

Edge is much faster and less memory hungry than Chrome, it's unbelievable.
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Well I watch a lot of youtube and never have any ads even with Chrome Canary.

btw I use Adguard on all my computers :)

It's also not physically possible to bypass the Hosts File so you can use that (just use my guide and like it okay :D)... unless you use a Chromebook and/or Windows decides to remove hosts file compatibility :eek:

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Chrome + Adblock Plus = No Ads.
Chrome + uBlock = No Ads.
Chrome + uBlock Origin = No Ads.
Chrome + Adguard = No Ads.


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Well i have decided to go back to my trusted firefox as chrome was eating my ram for no apparent reason with only one tab open.Nearly approaching 1.5gb at times....not good.
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I made a post here with my thoughts. IMO, I don't think users necessary need to run an AdBlocker on Youtube. It's a highly trusted site, where Google will maintain and protect it users from Malvertising, even with a few past incidents.


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Seems Google is only targeting the very specific Adblocker, but how the others? Well its a right for user if he/she doesn't want advertisement as it can give beneficial to improve browsing speed.

Those revenues lost should not be an alarming issues as the rest of users are not mandatory to use adblocker, hence the money still revolve around. ;)