Google drops Bluetooth Titan Security Keys in favor of NFC versions


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Aug 17, 2014
Google is discontinuing the Bluetooth Titan Security Key to focus on security keys with Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality.

As part of this move, Google has also announced a new Titan Security Key with USB-C and NFC to go along with the previously available USB-A + NFC security key.

Google's Titan Security Keys were introduced in 2018 and are designed to help users prevent Google account takeover attempts using credentials stolen in data breaches or following phishing attacks. They work with the most popular devices, browsers, and an increasing number of apps that come with FIDO standard support.
"Since NFC functionality is now supported by a wide range of Android phones and iPhones, we are discontinuing the Bluetooth Titan Security Key and focusing on the easier and more widely available NFC capability," said Christiaan Brand, Google Cloud Product Manager.

"However, for existing users with our Bluetooth Titan Security Keys, these will continue to work with Bluetooth and will continue to work as an NFC key on most modern mobile devices."

The company will also continue to service existing Bluetooth Titan Security Keys until they are out of warranty.

Starting August 10, Google will only offer the USB-A and a USB-C NFC version of Titan Security Keys, with the USB-A (which also comes with USB-A to USB-C adapter) to sell for $30 and the USB-C+NFC key to be priced at $35.