Update Google expects delays in enforcing 2FA for Chrome extension devs


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Aug 17, 2014
Google says that enforcing two-step verification on Google accounts of Chrome Web Store developers will take longer than expected.

As first announced in June, Google will require all Chrome extension developers to enable 2-Step Verification (aka 2FA, dual-factor authentication, or 2SV) to publish or update their extensions after August 2nd.

"The Chrome Web Store will begin enforcing the Two Step Verification requirement in August, 2021," Chrome Trust & Safety Team members Rebecca Soares and Benjamin Ackerman said two months ago.
"Once this enforcement is applied to a given developer's account, they will no longer be able to publish new or update existing extensions until they enable Two Step Verification."

However, even though the deadline remains, the company says that enforcing this security change across the user base will require additional time.
"It may take several weeks for the Two Step Verification requirement to be enforced across all Chrome Web Store accounts," they added in an update issued on Wednesday.