Google Fi suffers data breach, allowing hackers to steal sensitive information


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Apr 24, 2016
Google Fi, Google's telecommunications service, has confirmed a data breach that is likely connected to the recent security incident at T-Mobile that exposed the personal data of 37 million customers.

In an email sent to customers, Google said that the primary network provider for Google Fi informed them of a suspicious activity involving a third-party system that contained a "limited amount" of Google Fi customer data.

While the email didn't explicitly mention T-Mobile, it's very likely that the breach was connected to T-Mobile's incident. This is because Google Fi relies primarily on T-Mobile's 5G network aside from US Cellular for network connectivity, and only the former is known to have recently suffered a security incident.

Regarding the Google Fi data breach, Google says the threat actors gained access to data such as phone numbers, SIM card serial numbers, account statuses, account activation dates, and whether a subscriber has international roaming or unlimited SMS. The search giant claims that the attackers didn't take customers' personal information, payment card data, Google Fi passwords or PINs, or the contents of SMS messages or calls.

The email says that there is no action required from customers. However, as TechCrunch points out, one Google Fi customer claimed that their phone was briefly hijacked as a result of the attack.

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