Google launches website to help detect and stop scams


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Nov 10, 2017
Scams have been a long-lasting threat on the internet, and companies such as Facebook and Google have tried to protect their users through e-mail filters or potential scam warnings. Now, Google has announced a partnership with the Cybercrime Support Network to help people identify and stop scammers that might be out to get their money, with a website called Scam Spotter.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, $1.9 billion were lost to scams in 2019 alone, which works out to roughly $3,600 being lost every minute. Scammers use tactics that involve tax payments, some sort of contest, or impersonation to appear as someone who you would trust and send money to. To avoid this, the new website offers three general guiding principles - taking time to ask questions, double-checking the identity of the person contacting you, and avoid sending money if something feels off.