Update Google may replace the HTTPS lock icon in Chrome with a down-arrow icon


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Aug 17, 2014
Google revealed yesterday that it will run the change as an experiment in Chrome to gather more data and use it to determine whether the lock icon will be replaced with the down-arrow icon.

The company explains that it discovered in a recent survey that most surveyed users did not understand the lock icons meaning. Only 11% of users identified the meaning of the lock icon correctly, while the remaining 89% did not.

The majority associated the lock icon with a site's trustworthiness and not with connection security. The lock-icon reveals the secure state of the connection to the site in question only.

The experiment will be run in Chrome 93. Enterprise customers may opt-out of the experiment using policies.

Google plans to inform its customer base if the lock icon will be replaced with the down-arrow icon in the web browser.

Chrome Canary users may enable the new icon by loading chrome://flags/#omnibox-updated-connection-security-indicators and setting the status of the experimental flag to Enabled.

ForgottenSeer 85179

Like it and hope Edge will follow.

Most user i personally know, think that icon isn't clickable and just an information.
So, changing it makes a lot of sense.
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