Google Play Store is finally getting a redesign on the web


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Aug 17, 2014
It’s always been nice that the Play Store has been accessible not just from smartphones and tablets, but also the web. The functional website offers up the ability to remotely install apps, manage payment methods, and more. However, it’s been out of date for ages. Finally, though, Google is giving the Play Store a design overhaul on the web.

Seemingly rolling out now in a very limited capacity, this new Google Play Store design for the web pulls heavily from the design of the mobile app. At first glance, it looks just like the Play Store app on Chromebooks, but if anything that’s a good call by Google, as it leads to coherency across clients.

The updated design retains app previews, the ability to remotely install apps, and support for movies and books alongside apps and games. Large headers and video previews for games are also clearly apparent, with the example listing of Minecraft switching to a darker page that has an auto-play trailer for the game.