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In reality, apps delivered an endless spiral of ads

Following a report from Slovakian security firm ESET, Google has removed several Android apps from the Play Store that promised to deliver a boost in social media followers.

According to ESET, these apps were nothing but fakes that didn't do anything else than collect data on users, show ads, and subscribe them to premium services.

Most apps were promising to deliver social media followers, using specially concocted app names and luring descriptions. Between 500,000 and 1 million users had fallen for their tricks, and installed the applications on their devices.

None of the apps had any functionality
In reality, none of the apps delivered any kind of functionality, except malicious actions. ESET says the apps first started by collecting the user's phone number.

They then asked him to select his type of device and the number of social media followers he wanted to gain.

After this, the app entered in a process called "human verification," which was nothing but a covert method of showing an endless set of ads.

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Your right here too JG,
Its about the quality of my friends, not the quantity for me at least.
I am picky but the friends I do have, many I have had since High school.
Others I have met after meeting online a few I have known for times spanning
the past 10 to 15 yrs.
I figure it this way, weather it's in-game or social media ect..., no matter the cyber platform, If it's
someone I would call up and "want to" spend face time with after talking and getting to know them a little,
then I would add them if not I wouldn't bother.
I have found that there are some amazing people to meet online from places I may never have met otherwise given the chance, but be critical of who you trust and what you divulge
for the obvious reasons.
Awesome Share Jack


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I really don't know why Google Play Store manage to pass on those verification.

Google must revised properly the policy, especially if the purpose of program does not justify from declaration of what is the purpose.