Google resumes Chrome’s more privacy-friendly SameSite cookie update


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Nov 10, 2017
Google announced on Thursday that it will bring its SameSite cookie update back starting July 14th, alongside the launch of Chrome 84. The update will roll out gradually to Chrome 80 and later versions.

When Chrome 80 launched in February, Google started rolling out its SameSite update, which is intended to change how cookies are handled by the browser. In April, Google announced it would be rolling back that update in order to keep essential websites working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The update will resume starting July 14th, alongside the launch of Chrome 84
Chrome used to accept cookies by default, but with the introduction of its SameSite labeling policy, Chrome will block cookies from functioning in a third-party context, unless they carry specific labels. This is part of Chrome’s phased approach to privacy: this is supposed to limit which cookies collect data across sites, and in turn, limit the data those websites collect on users.