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Google has reportedly dropped plans of launching a service that would serve content on users' devices based on their fine location.

According to a report from Forbes, Google had been working on a project called "Google Here", which was set to launch on nearly 350 million Android devices in early 2015.The project's main purpose was to push relevant content such as advertisements, information about nearby stores, or other businesses based on the user's location.

The specification document obtained by Forbes has revealed that Google was planning to supply beacons to their partners. These beacons would be able to push content within five seconds to a user who enters the designated area. By using this service, businesses would have been able to connect to potential customers without the need for direct interaction. However, the report suggests that the idea was too invasive and Google wasn't sure about the participation from retailers which led to its abandonment.

Google's major source of revenue comes from advertising and it won't be too long until it tries to implement something similar. But for now users can rest easy as they won't have to worry about location based intrusions on their Android or iOS devices.

Source: Forbes

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Marketing-wise , the project is good. In France you can download an app of the store you visit and you will get some promos/offers directly on your phone.

The only issue is : are the datas removed from the database , once you leave the store?
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