Google services face outage, making it impossible to login [Update]


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Apr 24, 2016
Google services appear to be experiencing outages today, as account information fails to sync, or users are unable to login. We've been noticing issues syncing our Gmail inbox due to a connection error, marked with error code 2014.

The outage appears to be hitting more than one service, and affecting Google accounts in general. On devices not logged in, attempting to do so will result in an error stating the Google account could not be found. Devices that were previously logged in may be signed out if you visit them, with an error code 500 displayed went trying to sign back in.

It's unclear what could be causing the problems, and Google has yet to acknowledge any issues with its services. Meanwhile, is showing numerous reports of outages in a wide range of services dependent on Google, including Pokémon GO, which uses Google accounts as a login method. Communication service Discord is also apparently affected by the outage.

It seems that the issue affects Google accounts more so than the services themselves, so things like YouTube and Google Search still work if you're not logged in.

Google has since acknowledged the widespread issues through the Team YouTube account on Twitter, saying the company is looking into it. However, a fix doesn't yet seem to be in sight.

Update: Services appear to slowly be coming back online, and we're able to login again. Some elements may still have some problems loading for now, with profile pictures and some thumbnails missing. Things should get back to normal over time.

Update 2: Everything seems to be functional again now, though Google has yet to confirm services are back online. Reports on also seem to be declining.

Update 3: Google has confirmed the issues have been fixed and everything should be back to normal.
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Aug 17, 2014

Terry Ganzi

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Feb 7, 2014
SolarWinds Sunburst Hack: What you need to know: hxxps://
Did it cross anyone's mind that this attack maybe wide spread and affecting all the things we interact with?
Even this same Google issue? Just a thought.
And they maybe trying to keep it covered as not to cause mass panic.
They said it was started from a 200mb file that walk straight pass FireEye
security that should cause members here to think, it was most likely a
DLL infection.
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