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On Tuesday – which, appropriately enough, was Safer Internet Day – Google announced that in the spring (or in the fall, for those in the Southern Hemisphere), it will start forcing users of its Nest webcams and other products to use 2FA to secure their accounts.

Nest users who haven’t yet enrolled in the 2FA option or migrated to a Google account will be required to take an extra step by verifying their identity via email, Google said in a blog post. When a new login hits your Nest account, you’ll get a login notification from account at nest.com containing a six-digit verification code. Without that code, anybody trying to get into your account will be locked out. That should help with, say, keeping creeps from talking to your baby through a Nest security cam, or trying to crank up your Nest thermostat to tropical levels, both of which have happened to people who say they weren’t aware that 2FA is an option.