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...some quotes from the article above:

Google already knows everything about you
While Greene didn't specifically mention it in her blog post, Google has many other sources for profiling its users, such as it's many web apps and mobile applications.

These various data streams provide the company with far more detailed information on its users that the Gmail inbox scanning program could ever gather.

Google announced yesterday plans to stop scanning users' Gmail inboxes for advertising purposes, a decision that in theory should improve users' privacy, but in reality, it does not.

For years, Google has shown ads inside Gmail. While in the beginning, these were random advertisements, as Google got better at its job it launched a new program that used machine learning to scan people's emails, classify the user in various categories, and show targeted ads inside Gmail based on the user's email content.
Google to stop scanning your inbox
On Friday, Google's SVP of Google Cloud, Diane Greene, said the same policy for Gmail business customers would be extended to users of free Gmail accounts.


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they also scan searches etc, so even if they stopped it all together there's still a long road of tracking still casted by them
Also their new AI Analytics you can barely escape. Some security researchers found Google was able to identify them even changing their gateway IP AND formatting their computer. Speculation is - they are grabbing hardware identifiers or have so many avenues already farmed for metrics they can spot you anywhere.

Sad. I miss Scroogle.


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Let's parse this... Nowhere does this say that Google plans to stop scanning users' Gmail inboxes for non-advertising purchases. Evil is evil.
Agreed, this is a big part of why I migrated so aggressively to ProtonMail, now I only use Gmail for android access.
So let them scan away lol ;)