Update Google Wants Chrome to Play Nice with Windows 10 Antivirus Software


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Mar 16, 2019
Google Chrome is right now the world’s number one browser, and third-party statistics claim its market share is close to 70 percent on the desktop.

But of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is running just flawlessly with Chrome on the desktop, yet Google is very committed to further refining the experience and improving the existing integration with operating systems.

And the Windows version of Chrome could soon get more polished support for antivirus software, as Google wants to reduce the time it takes to perform certain actions, such as downloading, when security programs running on Windows are involved.

Solution already found​

Theoretically, whenever you conduct a task in Google Chrome that involves storing data on your device, the Windows antivirus needs to scan the data to make sure it’s entirely clean. And this is what’s causing some problems in Google Chrome, as the whole process might actually trigger a short lock on these files, eventually making the browser feel like it’s lagging.

“Anti-virus programs and other scanners may........
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