Choose up to 3 of the following Security Advances that you feel are of greatest importance.

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Level 12 recently ran the article below celebrating 6 cyber security advances but which, in your opinion, are the most important?
You can select up to 3 of the 6 options that you feel are of greatest benefit to security, and comments regarding any of them will be appreciated...
You may even decide to grade the importance of them from first to sixth.

The 6 Choices Below are a simplification of those presented in the article..To read the article in full then please visit the link at the top of the page
6 security advances worth celebrating:

In a world besieged by criminal hackers, we'll take all the good security news we can get. Here are six advances that can improve your defences..

  • SECURE BOOT OPTIONS: ....some operating systems, including Windows 10, offer Secure Boot options. They're even a part of the new computer device firmware standard, Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), which starts the protection at the chip level.
  • FASTER PATCHING: A decade ago, many vendors would patch once a quarter or yearly, if ever. Patches for critical in-the-wild exploits could take a week or more. Today, a vendor would be run out of town for failing to patching vulnerabilities -- and those patches are coming at least once a month, if not daily.
  • MORE DEFAULT ENCRYPTION: Nearly all operating systems and devices come with built-in disk encryption, much of it implemented by default.
    More and more applications that communicate with the network use end-to-end encryption. More and more websites use HTTPS as their default protocol (over HTTP).
  • ACCESS BY STANDARD USER / LIMITED ACCOUNTS: Today, any normal program asking for full privileges on any computer system is unlikely to be installed. Users and admins alike are mindful of what permissions their applications need to function. You no longer have to be an administrator to run a regular application -- that, my friends, is progress.
  • MORE BUG-BOUNTIES: Almost every major software vendor now offers rewards for privately reporting security bugs.
  • STRONGER AUTHENTICATION: Today, users expect two-factor authentication: out-of-band phone checks, biometrics, smartcards, virtual smartcards, and the like.

Lucent Warrior

I see these 3 listed below as greatest advances, that need reinforced and expanded upon.

1. MORE BUG-BOUNTIES "Make it more lucrative to find and fix bugs then to exploit them and steal"
2. FASTER PATCHING "Patching those found quicker"
3. STRONGER AUTHENTICATION "Making it a little tougher to crack those accounts".

DJ Panda

Level 29
1. FASTER PATCHING - Updates are always a must
2.SECURE BOOT OPTIONS - Prevent Malware from executing apon startup easier time cleaning computer
3.MORE BUG-BOUNTIES - This can be useful for updates finding bugs and fixing