Hackers are targeting telecoms companies to steal 5G secrets


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Aug 17, 2014
A cyber-espionage campaign is targeting telecoms companies around the world with attacks using malicious downloads in an effort to steal sensitive data – including information about 5G technology – from compromised victims.

Uncovered by cybersecurity researchers at McAfee, the campaign is targeting telecommunications providers in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Dubbed Operation Diànxùn, researchers say the attacks are the work of a hacking group working out of China.

The group, also known as Mustang Panda and RedDelta, has a history of hacking and espionage campaigns targeting organisations around the world – and now it appears to be focused on compromising telecoms providers.

At least 23 telecommunications providers are suspected to have been targeted as part of the campaign that has been active since at least August 2020. It hasn't been disclosed how many of the targets were successfully compromised by hackers.