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Chancellor Angela Merkel Among the Victims of Massive Hack Attack and Data Leak

Hundreds of members of the German parliament, Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as numerous local celebrities have had their personal details and other sensitive information leaked online.
The information, including financial details, contact information, memos and private chats, was leaked in December but only recently spotted.

The leak includes details for German celebrities as well as members of six of the seven main political parties in the Bundestag lower house, including the ruling center-right and center-left parties, as well as The Greens, left-wing party Die Linke and the Free Democratic Party, the BBC reported.


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A 20-year-old man has made a "comprehensive" confession that he was behind a data breach affecting hundreds of high-profile Germans, police say. Styling himself "G0d", he published private information about politicians, journalists, and celebrities on Twitter, under the username @_0rbit. Investigators said the man was still in education and living with his parents. The suspect said he acted alone and out of annoyance at statements made by the public figures he attacked.
German, 20, confesses to mass data leak