Hackers Leaked Student Data After School Authorities Refuse To Pay Ransom


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May 12, 2020
Hackers Leaked Student Data After School Authorities Refuse To Pay Ransom

Thousands of American students had their emails as well as other private data leaked on the internet After school district administrators refused to satisfy a hacker's ransom demand

The mass doxing processes were conducted in Clark County, Nevada, which revealed names, addresses, scores, SSN and some banking details of the victims.

On the first week of classes after the summer break, the hacking attack, which also exposed private information of workers.

Cybersecurity expert Brett Callow found documents that contain the school and student records on an Internet hacking forum almost three weeks after the attack was first announced, according to The Wall Street Journal, indicating that the rescue was not fulfilled.

The Clark County School District (CCSD, for its Spanish initials entitled did not reply to a comment request.

“CCSD is working diligently to determine the full nature and scope of the incident and is cooperating with law enforcement,” a spokesperson said.

“As the investigation continues, CCSD will be individually notifying affected individuals. CCSD values openness and transparency and will keep parents, employees, and the public informed as new, verified information becomes available."

In recent years, Ransomware attacks have been increasingly popular, facilitated by growing numbers of cryptocurrency which offer an effective way to obtain ransoms silently online without a trace.

As per the leading insurance provider Alliance, over 40% of all cyber-insurance payments during the first quarter of 2020 ran for tariffs ranged from $1,000 (£778) up to 2 million (£1,56 million).

However, the costs of these attacks are not just material.

Last Friday ransomware attack hit Dusseldorf university hospital which an unidentified patient had to be turned away from the Dusseldorf university hospital as they were dealing with the cyber attack which ended delaying treatment creating a life-threatening situation and later reported dead.
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