Battle Heimdal - OR - NextDNS - help me decide


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Feb 1, 2017
hey, I wanted to "tap the wisdom" of the community here and get your thoughts on this:

Like most everyone here, I run multi-layered security. In my case, it's been Kaspersky Internet Security plus Heimdal. Recently though, I've been testing NextDNS and REALLY like it! The ad filtering has been impressive and I also like some of their many security configuration capabilities as well. Since you can't run NextDNS and Heimdal's Dark Layer Guard simultaneously ....

QUESTION: Does Heimdal provide substantially better protection from Malware than NextDNS?

Up until now, I've been doing ad filtering with uBlock Origen at the browser level (which has been fine) but ... as I said ... I've been really appreciating NextDNS 's security AND ad filtering capabilities so trying to determine how much I would lose "security wise" if I were to drop Heimdal in favor of running NextDNS? Or would I not lose anything and it'd be an equal trade-off?

What do you think?


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Jul 27, 2015
Heimdal Security been around a few years now and is/was a Danish company. It's now a part of the Marlin Equity Partners.

Their still silly quick with email replies, but sadly nowadays don't deliver software updates as fast as they used to. Can't speak for all users/customers and maybe it's a huge difference with their business version. 🤷‍♂️ It works, don't get me wrong and their UI ( user interface ) beats IMO all update softwares. But not everything is about looks. If a software and extra so a security software, that specific profiled itself on how important software updates are, for any reason can not and will not fully do what it's supposed to, personal I can't recommend it. Also one version been tested in the Hub with not the best results.
I think they have a lot to work on and not so sure how well this acquisition in the end will actually be.


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Aug 10, 2013


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Feb 11, 2021
I know this is an old thread, but let me add that I use Heimdal foresight on a few of my devices around the house along with a pihole. The Heimdal foresight agent catches a few phishing attempts that the pihole and other protections I have don't catch. Maybe my pihole list choices are crap, but heimdal has done a very good job of plucking off many things that make it through. The LTD is one of my favorite buys from stacksocial.