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Heimdal is insane with these giveaways, thanks for sharing. ;)

So it is geo restricted giveaway, so far it seems to work only if you are from the Australia or New Zealand. Pls no abuse so licenses don't get banned. (y):D
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Deleted Member 3a5v73x

that's great, i have plenty of keys :ROFLMAO:
Depends on the giveaway license rules, oftenly with Heimdal, when you try to activate previously used 3/6 month giveaway license, it doesn't allow you to, if you for example format your system, but with these 1 year keys you can re-use them, safely uninstalling Heimdal first and re-activating with previously used 1 year key. At the moment you use your key first time at first installation, end date will be same for all future re-installs. I still have a couple from the 2015 Heimdal giveaways, they work just fine in 2018. However, I recommend to not abuse these type of giveaways, so licenses don't get blocked in the future.


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it is compatible with bitdefender internet security 2019 ?
very funny to the chapter "Rewievs BY INTERNET USERS " in their site only 3 and old :)
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