Hello all help me save my week old Cricket Android phone please!!

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  1. KJ Kelly

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    Jul 10, 2017
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    Device model:
    ZTE Grand X 4 Z956
    Operating System and Version:
    Android 6.0.1
    Infection date and initial symptoms:
    July 1st hours after I bought it, programs, files and system apps looked different and strange but I knew exactly was happened cause it's the 4th time someone loaded spyware on my phone.
    Current issues and symptoms:
    My security is compromised, my device is now unknown on my gmail dashboard and facebook logins.
    Steps taken in order to remove the infection:
    Tried every spyware, virus, malware removal app in play store but none can detect it even including this sites malware app. Tried rooting and flashing stock files but it prevents you from gaining root access and blocks usb media transfer protocol. Superuser Rootking APK do not work to root just gives error and says unable
    July 1st only hours after I walked out of store with it. I gave my new number to a "friend" then awhile later I got calls and a text from unrecognized numbers that I assume are google voice generated ones. I didn't answer but opened a text to read and that's where it all began again. I noticed new strange system apps, a different generic look and name for phone, voicemail and data network. Call sound quality has static, hollow with strange beeps etc. My data use shot thru the roof and hasn't stopped. I have unlimited data but turn off Wi-Fi and bluetooth thinking its more secure but both are still constantly running including 3 different Bluetooth system apps along with video call, voice recorder and 2 camera apps going 99-100% of time even when I disable them they turn themselves back on. Its spyware like mobiestealth or something I think. My sim card isn't there but it is cause I watched the lady insert it at the store and I've checked to make sure its in. This is the 4th phone this same thing has happened to. An ex who wants to locate me so she can use my house when I'm gone or rip my identity off. Her new boyfriend got physical control of the phone while I slept and removed the sim card cause July 7th I went to check if it was there, opened up my otterbox and there lying loose under the phone was the card and tray. It is something done by a programmer cuz a lot of my apps in question mention XDA-developers android forum. Cricket says all is normal and so is data use yet I'm seeing upwards of 3 gigs in 3 hours being used. It jumps from Google play services, play store, facebook and 2 different android os programs as far as using large amounts of memory, usually by the last one I opened. Google play services has 8-9 services installed and running 24/7 like persistence, stayawake, locationservices, onetimeinit, partnersetup, account manager and unstable. It's like my phone and all the files have been cloned or emulated and replaced, stack overflow idk even the file manager looks strange. Everytime I log into gmail and facebook I get warnings saying unknown device and location thats using random IP addresses now instead of my actual location like it did the day I got it. My phone service is now like a Wi-Fi calling app faked to be my network, things like messaging and voicemail are not stock but ones you can download for free online. Here are some of the apps involved and are the same everytime this has happened to me: Black hole, phase beam, android live wallpapers, contacts sync, contacts storage, phone, phone call management, phone services, phone messaging storage, facebook, google play music and movies, hangouts, live wallpaper picker, key chain, fused location, fm radio, locationservices, locationext, media storage, calculator, calender, calender sync, mdtp service, sim toolkit, setup wizard, shell, weather, youtube, wfd service, talkback, proxyhandler, print spooler, pacprocessor, package accesss helper, package installer, codeaurora Bluetooth, mmsservice, mdtpservice, input devices, html viewer, downloads, exchange services, cloud print, clock, external storage, documents, config updater, tons of com.qualcomm.whatever like atfwd, fastdormancy, xdivert, primarycardcontroller, datastatusnotification, dpmserviceapp, wallpapercropper shutdownlistener, timeservice, sharedstoragebackup, partnerbookmarks, qcrilmsgtunnel, modem.service, carrierconfig, backupconfirm, telephony, tethers, vodafonepack, a lot of com.android.somethings. I've tried to root it but it won't give you permission and says it's not rooted when I know it is. When you hook it to a PC w/ USB it starts downloading spyware and programmer applications onto the computer, it changes settings to avoid being deleted/removed. Hard factory data resets just load the same spyware back up. My gmail and facebook accounts have been compromised. I read that it might be stagefright or franken something or other I'm just tired of it and it's cost me a lot of money and time PLEASE PLEASE help me remove and protect any phone in the future. This is all done by an ex girlfriend and will keep happening with every new phone, I've thrown away 4 now in the last year. thanks for any advice, input or help.
  2. BlueBlue

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    Feb 26, 2018
    Did you ever get help with this? I have the same stuff going on with mine, everytime I get a phone it happens
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