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More than a year ago
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Any lightweight one
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Crash Bandicoot (Ah, such memories, and fantastic technical achievement)


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Hello everyone,

Trying not to be generic in my introduction but don't hold your breath, these white boxes have a habit of making me appear either boring or scary, if either of those applies to you right now, go have some water and try to calm down, I like to think I'm not boring and so long as the clown mask stays locked in the drawer, I'm not that scary either ;)

Anyway down to business, I'm fairly knowledgeable about malware and such, used to write viruses and other rather nasty programs a long time ago but I spend my time these days helping people with their infections, and also collecting malware. Btw, anybody round here collect malware? I couldn't find any tools I liked enough to manage my collection so putting together my own, if anybody's curious, let me know and I'll link you to it in a week when I've finished it.

So with the above in mind as a former 'black hat' (and I hate that term), I don't expect the warmest of welcomes, but perhaps with time and a few disinfected computers under my belt, I can earn one and make some friends along the way ;)


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Welcome :) I'm also new here :D
Good to meet you user :) How are you finding it here, anything I should know? Eg: the gorilla is our mascot and he might be purple with a big grin and promise to be your buddy but for goodness sake don't click him!
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