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North America
17 to 20 years
Recent Malware Infection
More than a year ago
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Google Chrome
Favorite Mobile OS
Favourite Desktop OS
Windows 10
Favourite Antivirus
Windows Defender
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How are you all??

My name is Jake, I'm from New York City, USA, and I'm... below the age admitted to use my real year of birth :p

I've been reading a lot about malware and privacy and I'm really interested so if you will please help me!! I am glad to learn what you can share.

I'm no expert but hopefully will become!!!

I also love penguins!!

Best of luck to all!!

Edit: also how do I create a configuration thread? I saw a pop up but can't click


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Malware Hunter
Welcome to MWTips and thanks for joining ! hope You enjoy our community ! :giggle:

Feel free to read the forum rules: Code of Conduct

About Security Config, please read:

You should create the config in this section, clicking over the button [Post a thread] on the right:


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