Budget ($)
230$ max(16000 rupees)
On the list
Samsung m and a series
Top 5 on the list
Build Quality
Display Quality
I would compromise at
Screen Size


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Hey guys i am going to buy my first smartphone (still love my nokia 1100). My budget is 230$ max so i decided to buy nokia 6.1 plus first but after coming to know about charging issue and hmd taking fee for change port in warranty period i thinking something else. How are samsung m and a series does they worth it. I have heard samsung phones hang a lot. Please tell me if there are any other better options in this price range. I will be using my mobile for browsing, gaming a little (necessary in college) and streaming videos, not much interested in photos and selfie cameras. Not interested in companies with cheap practices (it is malwaretips so....). I will be using this phone for a long term 3 years or more. So i think people here have lots of options for me.

Note: I am from India so product should be available here.


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A bit bias, but I love samsung phones.

The Samsung M20 would be my choice as it is currently rootable and has custom recovery and roms available for it. I can see M20 going for 3 years with custom roms to keep it up to date in case Samsung doesn't provide updates for it.

or you could consider a Poco F1 and load up LineageOS on it =D
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Is the Xiaomi mi a2, Xiaomi Redmi note 7 a good smartphone or Nokia? Are these secure or is the Samsung a40 better?