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Okay here is how and what i found out.

I woke up today to see my PC fans was working, like i played a game from the future, and my rig was almost on fire from the heat. My desktop background is very detailed, but still shouldn't kill my pc.

I think my PC is already damaged sadly, cause my GPU and CPU is idling at 43celcius, usually are under 35. Luckily i only got 5 hours of sleep, or it would've blown up i think.

The problem!
When i leave my PC on desktop, after exactly 15minutes of idling, all fans start to go crazy, we talk mach-top-speed. And CPU/GPU usage goes to 100%.

Here's the super freaky part.
As soon as i move my mouse, just a tiny bit.... All fans and cpu/gpu usage stops instantly... Freakin' sorcery.... This is a nasty one.

What does this? Do i have a bitmining-malware expert that know what to look for?
There is no program running in processes, even after 10min, i don't see any .exe of special kind start, while monitoring it, fans and usage just goes to maximum.

I guess it's a hidden program, that is hidden very well, in the services?

I'm desperate guys, this is some scary stuff. I've never experienced any virus, that could really kill my PC, before now...

Still running windows 7 with AVG as my anti virus, if that helps.

I really hope you can help. Thanks in advance.