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Apr 13, 2020
This is Miguel, I am from Spain. I have been always a computers&telecommunications lover.
To be honest I hadn't really been concerned about security suites. For lot of years I stuck to avast!, both Premier and Free variants. However, with the data scandal, I stopped using it.
Then I switched to Windows Defender. I knew it wasn't that great in terms of ransomware protection, and in general, a light -in RAM at least- alterantive. I turned on Protected folders, and one day, when trying to save work had taken me days on, it refused to. I knew it was Windows Defender, I went to history protection to exclude it, but it would crash again and again... Turned off general protection, but still nothing. I had to make a workaround, disable Windows Defender via gpedit and then save the work -could use an alternative-... The day after it fixed itself, however, I was that pissed, that I decided to watch some videos of the PC Security Channel and read some other forums.
I made my own testing using KnowBe4 and Spyshelter tool, in 18 VM (yeah, I tested 18 AV), and results came with Kaspersky Security Cloud Free as best free software and BitDefender Total Security and Kaspersky Total Security (0 difference with free version in these tests) in paid one... And here I am, using Kaspersky Security Cloud Free right now and trying to learn some more!!!
Thank u for the excellent forum, and see u there!!