I'm from
Over 40 years
Recent Malware Infection
So long I can't even remember
Favorite Browser
Google Chrome
Favorite Mobile OS
Favourite Desktop OS
Windows 10
Favourite Antivirus
hahahahaha no way.
Best Game in the World
Diablo 2


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Hey welcome back, nice to see you!

Yeah, I get all that. I can see why you (and me) and so many others gotta take a break from these forums.
Sometimes a break is a good thing. This forum is really good, overall good friendly community, but even with that one can become fatigued and become easily irritated, or short tempered. Hehe I know I have caught myself in that situation a few times, so even for me I've slowed down a bit, mostly due to life being busy, but also to calm down a bit.:p


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it's true back then I used to come to malwaretips just to read about security but used to follow and learn from you
That's what made me join here your advice was great then you were gone lol glad to hear from you and everyone
Else I have and still am learning a lot from everyone here


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Just overall forum fatigue and annoyance, plus easily irritated, so I left and asked to delete my account.
I feel most people have been there, for me life itself recently has been somewhat difficult with my other half being ill, my levels of empathy get eroded - One issue with forums is there is no body language or even tone of voice so it can be difficult to interpret others, plus humour from other counties is very different - Anyway you were missed - Take care ... Paul :)