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Build 292 (2018-01-17)
  • ADDED: Danish language
  • IMPROVED: Kovter (fileless malware) detection
  • IMPROVED: Cookie detection in Microsoft Edge and IE (for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update)
  • UPDATED: User interface, matching Sophos colors
  • UPDATED: HitmanPro icon, matching Sophos colors
  • FIXED: Vulnerability in zlib
  • FIXED: Vulnerability in libpng
  • INFO: Several minor fixes and improvements


Level 43
I don't even remember the last Update :oops:
I Guess it just Discontinued.
I think Sophos will kill it off after they are done with fully integrating it.

I intend to let my licenses expire and not renew once it is up this year. Next round of security software purchases will be VERY light, since I switched everyone up to Chromebooks we're down to just 4 gaming rigs in the home.. 4 licenses to buy is nothing compared to the 10 I had to buy before.


Level 6
HitmanPro.Alert was also updated this month.

The license for HMPA includes HMP, but not the other way around...