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HitmanPro.Alert 3.5 Build 528 Private Beta

Changelog (compared to 373)
  • Added WipeGuard mitigation (currently part of CryptoGuard).
    Protects against bootkits and boot-time ransomware like Petya and Mischa.
  • Added DLL Hijack Mitigation (part of Process Protection).
    Protects against DLL hijacking (also known as a binary planting attack) by forcing all downloaded executables to load application extensions (DLLs) from system32. This mitigation prioritizes both statically and dynamically loaded system DLLs, on Windows XP up to Windows 10.
    For an example, see here: DLL Hijacking Just Won’t Die
  • Added Settings Import and Export.
    This feature can be accessed via the gear icon at top right of the GUI.
  • Improved CryptoGuard, world's first anti-ransomware since 2013, now in its 4th generation!
  • Added cloud-driven false positive handling, which allows fast response to correct detections without software upgrades.
  • Improved ROP mitigation.
  • Improved Application Lockdown.
  • Improved BadUSB mitigation.
  • Improved HollowProcess mitigation.
  • Updated Network filtering component.
Send me a PM to receive the download link. Please report issues via PM as this build is still private.

Send a PM to @Erik Loman on Wilders Security forum.
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What if the license is expired due to HMP.A being installed in the past? I'm talking about a VM.
Erik gave me link for 3.5, but after telling him my license is expired, he didn't reply for more than a day already even though he posted in the forums several times within that time.