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HitmanPro.Alert is a free tool that checks the browser integrity and alerts users when secure online banking and shopping is no longer guaranteed.

It is a known fact that the internet is a hotbed of online crime. When you bank and shop online or remotely connect to your office, you (and the companies you do business with) become a prime target for online fraud.


When you connect to a e-commerce site, such as a bank or bookseller, your web browser encrypts the communication so it can securely exchange transactions between your computer and the website. However, the transaction data exists in plain readable format in your web browser. This plain information can be compromised and manipulated by financial malware to e.g. steal your account and banking credentials or change your transaction details, just before it is encrypted and securely sent to your bank.

These banking Trojans are very difficult to detect, even with up-to-date antivirus software. This is because the attackers use custom-engineered binary obfuscation (polymorphism), cloaking and other armoring techniques to evade detection the first few days. To maximize the effectiveness of their campaign they test each specially crafted malware sample against antivirus products.

Many renowned security companies acknowledge the low detection rate of banking Trojans. During the first 24 hours the average detection rate of new variants of financial malware, like Zeus, SpyEye and Sinowal, is very low. But cybercriminals only need a few hours to infect tens of thousands of computers and successfully steal money from hundreds of victims. Reports show a loss of millions of euros in 2011, with an average loss of 4,400 euro per victim. In many cases victims have to wait months before they are compensated by their banks. It is only a matter of time when compensation is no longer obvious if you haven’t followed the necessary protection procedures.

Alerts the user when critical functions of the browser are compromised by known and new banking Trojans, like:
Sinowal (aka Mebroot and Torpig)
and many others...

Supports all web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Maxthon and Pale Moon.

Future proof technology does not rely on malware signatures.

Compatible with all antivirus programs and runs alongside any other security software.
Suitable for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

HitmanPro.Alert will be free of charge and is available for release in the second quarter of 2012. HitmanPro.Alert will also be available within the HitmanPro anti-malware program.

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Beta :)

Known issues:
Beta version is English only
Beta version is incompatible with Trusteer Rapport
HitmanPro.Alert icon
Some focus issues during an Alert
Limited support for Terminal Server environments (need more testing)


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Thanks for letting us know. It sure has the Metro/Windows 8 feel, but I need to access the program from the Program Files, no short-cuts in the Start Menu or SysTray.

Edit: Added Screenshot



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HitmanPro Alert Beta 2

erikloman said:
Improved installer
Added support for Comodo Dragon
Added support for SRWare Iron
Added support for showing Flyout on Limited User Accounts
Solved AdMuncher incompatibilities
Solved Avast! incompatibilities
Solved a problem where the alert is shown while browser is closing
Several improvements

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