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Hello people, I have just recently replaced my old Huawei phone (which costed 80 Euros) with another budget phone, Honor S7, which cost 100$. The phony is laggy, applications crashes a lot, battery life is short and the touchscreen is not receptive. I am not expecting a perferct phone for that price, but S7 seems to be extra low quailty as compared with my previous budget Huawei phone (even though it's price was 80 euros, the phone was fast and did good when I needed to use multiple applications and so on). So, if anyone would consider buying it at some point, just don't.


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I advise people to avoid low-end Android smartphones.

If you are not tied into a phone contract, you may be able to sell the $100 device for less, and get yourself something of slightly better quality, as found in the Android One family. I also recommend at least a Snapdragon 600-series chipset.
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You may otherwise go the extra mile and find a 2017/8 flagship which do drop considerably in price.

As a subsidiary of Chinese phone giant Huawei, Honor's goal is to offer cheap thrills for smartphone buyers.
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I have an Huawei Honor 10 which I picked up at a good price £190 new instead of £400. This phone is great and it has the same CPU as the P20 Pro which is the Kirin 970. The phone runs and loads app's very quickly.