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A years-long project from researchers at the National Security Agency that could better protect machines from firmware attacks will soon be available to the public, the lead NSA researcher on the project tells CyberScoop.

The project will increase security in machines essentially by placing a machine’s firmware in a container to isolate it from would-be attackers. A layer of protection is being added to the System Management Interrupt (SMI) handler — code that allows a machine to make adjustments on the hardware level — as part of the open source firmware platform Coreboot.

Lobito Punky

Level 13
With the Agency background nothing good can come out and less disguised with the "disinterested kindness" of providing security to operating systems. And that it is open source is really significant...

Well, I'm not commenting any more here...

Local Host

Level 19
Being open source means nothing, unless you compile and implement from that source, no one can say what changes were made in the retail code.

NSA is not to be trusted either, should be obvious why.